Writing A Book



Before getting started writing a book, I think it takes two things: motivation and passion. I say motivation first because obviously, you have to want to do it. There needs to be an intrinsic motivation to share your experiences and knowledge. 

The second is an idea you’re passionate about. It doesn’t have to be a specific topic or title, per se, but begin with identifying what it is you’re passionate about. In the case of my most recent book called “What Are You Leaving On The Table?” (coming soon – stay tuned!) I received the idea from a group of guys I talk to often. 

Be warned, there will be doubt, and you’ll probably get the impression that writing a book is more difficult than it actually is. Even if you’re only toying with the idea of writing a book, or if it’s crossed your mind as a possibility, all you have to do is get started. 

For me, this was the biggest obstacle because I can readily admit I’m not a writer by nature. As a coach, I’m used to verbally communicating and that has long been my preferred style of communication. So, I got to figuring there had to be a way I can take what I speak about and translate it into a book. Enter the discovery of the dictation function on my MacBook Pro! (press “fn” key twice) 

The next obstacle I was confronted with was consistency. I knew I had to make consistent progress or I would keep putting it off. So, I dedicated 30 minutes every morning, Monday through Friday, to writing my book. I didn’t worry about any editing while I was writing – I’ve already said I’m not the best writer and my editing skills are laughable. There are people who are really good at editing and I decided it’s well worth it to leave that skill to those experts. If you find yourself getting stuck during your dedicated writing times, use some other books as examples (structuring the Introduction, Foreword, Preface, Dedication, Biography, etc.)

“…all you have to do is get started.”

Because I’m not a full-time author, I chose to keep my writings shorter than average. I’m sure a professional writer could have written three books in the time I have written one. From start to finish, I’m estimate roughly six months for completion of this book as my latest project. I also asked a few other people to contribute a chapter because not only will it help me from an accountability standpoint, but I’m hoping it encourages them to write and share their knowledge and stories. 

The final piece of the book writing puzzle is deciding how you will publish. As I’m wrapping up my writing, I’m leaning toward self-publishing because of the benefits of print to order and E-Books. While there are many options to consider, publication through Amazon is my front runner because of the support they offer for self-publishing, advertising, and distribution. Obviously, I hope to sell a lot of copies, but the money isn’t my primary motivation. Rather, I want to be able to share my experiences with other people en masse, when I’m unable to do so directly in one-on-one conversations. And with this blog post, and the coming release of my book, I’m also hoping to encourage you to write and share yours!


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