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MAY, 2020

Many times I found myself in situations or meetings where I needed more information to help others understand experiences of athletes. Having been a Division I collegiate athlete, professional athlete, and Athletic Performance Coach for many years gave me understanding and valuable insight.

But many times I felt these experiences were not fully taken into consideration when programmatic decisions were being made with the people who were on the same level as myself or higher. Many times I felt myself scrambling to find the correct wording to convince others of my ideas. So I learned quickly I needed help.

Fortunately, I had some smart people around me like, Josh Stoner, Kaz Kazadi, Dr. Bryan Mann, Jana Heitmeyer, Antwan Floyd, Dr. Andrew Paul, David Deets, Keith Caton, Sean Edinger, Scott Bird, Ross Schwisow, Todor Pandov, Brett Hayes, Mackenzie Holznecht, Matt Herring, Jake Lynn, Kayln Sticher, and Ryan Jackson just to name a few. 

The staff education and meetings we used to have were on another level! Every time we were together was like having a roundtable discussion. The current and older science and research were always discussed. We always asked each other how we could take what we were learning into practical application. I miss those days.

So when Javiar Gillett who is the Director of Athletic Performance and Sports Science with the Houston Rockets approached me with the idea of getting together and collaborating with Dr. Ted Lambrinides, I thought it was a no brainer. Dr. Lambrinides is working with the NFL as their Sports Scientists. 

After our initial conversation, the Research to Reps Roundtable idea was born. The plan also included inviting a couple guests for each show. Once a month we’ll conduct a Zoom call to discuss the most recent conversations in sport and athletics and link them with what the research can tell us. 

I’m very excited about this extension of the Beyond Sets and Reps podcast which has been unbelievably successful. We’ll continue doing the Beyond Sets and Reps podcast every other week and mix in the Research to Reps Roundtable once a month. Sorinex has jumped on board to sponsor it and here we are. We hope you enjoy it as much as we are enjoying having the conversation and recording them to be able to share with you.

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