Returning Athletes

MAY, 2020
There are many conversations going on and many details to consider with getting our students and athletes back to campus or in facilities. None of us have gone through anything like the COVID-19 pandemic before so we are finding there are many more questions than answers.
To make things even more complicated, the athletic performance and strength and conditioning professions usually do not share best practices or our “secrets” with everyone. Many of the other professions surrounding the student athlete support usually do share information and best practices. My hope is we all work and learn from each other so we can all come out on the best side of this tremendous challenge.
As Task Forces and Working Groups are being formed, I hope everyone is reaching out and extending themselves to get involved in the conversations and decision making. Ultimately, the lives of our student athletes are going to fall onto their Athletic Performance Coaches, Athletic Trainers, and Medical Personnel. 

The social media posts have been great to watch and observe the engagement that’s been created, but now is the time to adapt to the next phase. Perhaps we need to shift the focus from performance to health as we transition from social isolation to social integration. I wish the best you as we move forward together and be the leaders we are called to be. 

I have put a list of resources together for you to use. This list is not all inclusive. If you have other links, please feel free to email me at performance@pativey.com.



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