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AUGUST, 2022

My partnership with TeamBuildr goes beyond simply using their platform – which is great by the way.

They also have fantastic resources for coaches and aim to continue providing some of the best support in the form of their blog. I’ve written several guest posts for their blog and wanted to share them with you here. 

Financial Literacy for Strength Coaches

After witnessing money woes as I began my career in the NFL, I made financial literacy a priority when I became a collegiate strength and conditioning coach (or perhaps because my wife has worked in finance since we were in college). I also tried to influence my fellow coaches and emphasize the importance of it as a priority for them as well.

Making Staff Development a Priority

Throughout my career I’ve made it a priority to focus on staff development, specifically with a “leadership first” approach. I found out early on that as the leader, I must set the expectations and lead by example or there’s little credibility behind what I would say. It reminds me of an ancient proverb/omen about how a fish rots from the head down – I was cognizant of not letting my [team/staff/department] rot from the head (me) down. 

Sport Psychology Starter Pack: What to Focus on with Your Athletes

It may seem counterintuitive, but in order to get our athletes started, we have to first start with ourselves as parents and coaches. Other than their teammates, we have the most direct influence on our athletes’ experience in sport. We have the power to make or break their experiences and we are the creators of the environment they live and play in. 

Negotiation Tips for Strength Coaches

Just like most young coaches starting out, I thought I knew everything when I first became a strength coach. It comes with the territory, right? Being fresh out of school, armed with all the tools and knowledge to make a difference in your profession. I don’t think this is unique to strength coaching, or even athletics, but I learned quickly that school didn’t prepare me fully.

6 Areas GA’s Should Master

Although I’m of the opinion that it can take years, even decades to master something, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t start the process during your graduate assistantship. Especially when you’re likely surrounded by those who HAVE mastered some of these things.

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