Partnering with TeamBuildr


February, 2021

I’m excited to announce a new partnership between Pat Ivey Performance and TeamBuildr. TeamBuildr is an online coaching software for programming and reporting, focusing on servicing high school coaches and PE, college coaches, professional, private facility and trainers, International and tactical. TeamBuildr features a Blog, Podcast, online Training, education, and so much more. 

The basis of this partnership is naming myself as a contributing author to the Teambuildr blog along with other future collaborations. And with more coming very soon, Pat Ivey Performance will be offering individualized and personal workouts for our customers and clients! Due to the increased demand I believe this direction is going to be very impactful. 

At the core of this new partnership is the goal and vision of becoming a top resource for strength coaches and athletic performance professionals. 

Teambuildr features include:

  • Mobile Friendly – Includes a free app.
  • TV Modules – Put your weight room TV’s to life with a Weight Room Timer, Live Feed and Live Leaderboard modules.
  • Program Templates – Program your workouts from scratch or use 50+ templates ranging from sport-specific to Conjugate & Triphasic.
  • Weight Room View – The tablet app lets athletes receive programming and input data into rack-mounted tablets.
  • Max Tracking – Training Max? APRE? Whatever your method, the platform lets coaches manage 1RM’s any way they would like.
  • 16+ Reports – Their average report takes 3 clicks to generate, and they’re exportable to PDF and Excel.
  • Evaluation Testing – Whether you’re testing 1RM, 3RM, movement screens or combine-style test – They got you covered.
  • Goal & Standard Setting – Set goals for individuals or set standards for groups on lifts, SAQ+C and Circuits.
  • Sports Science – In addition to creating your own questionnaires, they’ll alert you when something needs to be seen.
  • Video Coaching – Athletes can video themselves on the app and upload to Teambuildr for coach feedback 

This partnership is another step in the process of me paying it forward and passing the baton to those who come after me. As I’m learning more and more about TeamBuildr and what they stand for, I have no doubt their services are going to help countless strength and conditioning coaches and other athletic professionals.

Whether it be from increased effectiveness of training athletes or securing additional income for coaches, TeamBuildr’s platform is where the future of training is headed. 

I want to personally thank everyone who has helped us to grow and we look forward to being a larger part of your professional career as we continue to build. If you have any partnership or collaboration opportunities or feedback that’ll help me reach more coaches, please reach out at performance@pativey.com

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