JUNE, 2022

If you missed part I of this article, find it here.

I suggest reading it as well as the post below if you’re considering beginning a Health & Performance Department, or if you’re looking to think more strategically about your own department.

I always recommend the leader of the department start with laying out the vision and mission for the department. The goals should be easily remembered by all members within the department.

Sample Vision Statement:

To provide comprehensive, integrated infrastructure and innovative approaches to Health and Performance that are science-based, educational, productive, positive, and fun.

Sample Mission Statement:

We will be great servant leaders and teammates within Hot Chili University to develop our student athletes for success.

Sample Strategic Objectives:

  • Build a comprehensive, integrated Health and Performance Department supporting the Athletic Department’s Core Beliefs and Goals, emphasizing Student Athlete Welfare.
  • Recruit, develop, and retain staff in order to promote the Athletic Department’s Core Beliefs and Goals.
  • Expand department-wide collaboration in innovation by enhancing infrastructure and other resources.

Sample Core Values (with supporting questions)


  • How well do you practice self-care?
  • Are you a Servant Leader?
  • Are you fiscally responsible?
  • Do you promote personal and professional development for you and your staff?


  • How good is your planning/ organizational process?
  • How well do you communicate verbally and written?
  • Do you promote continuing education and professional development?
  • Do you conduct regular meetings to disseminate information?


  • How well does each Director work with other members of the Athletic Dept?
  • How do you engage others in Strategic Planning?
  • How well do you work with others to find common ground and create win/wins?
  • Do you provide opportunities for growth by delegating administrative responsibilities?

I hope this information helps you with ideas you may want to implement now or either when you are in position to direct your own department one day.

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