Research 2 Reps Roundtable Explained



The Research 2 Reps Roundtable (R2RR) Podcast is hosted by Dr. Pat Ivey, Dr. Ted Lambrinides, and Dr. Ernie Rimer. Together, with guest experts and coaches, they explore the current research and discuss how to best implement it at the rep-level for the most effective direct impact on athletes.

With so much information available, how do we decipher what’s valid, reliable, and practical with our athletes in sport? It’s our passion to explore and share with other professionals who are curious and looking for the cutting edge to better train athletes.

The idea to start the R2RR podcast was sparked by an everyday conversation between this group of strength and conditioning professionals who have a passion for science, data, research, and it’s practical application. Typically these types of conversations happen behind closed doors or at once-per-year national conferences, and we didn’t think that’s enough!

We decided to use a virtual roundtable format to ask questions and explore possible answers only to find better questions. The questions and answers we investigate revolve around all areas of human and athletic performance such as sport science, sports nutrition, sports medicine, and physical and mental performance.

To make the podcast adaptable to our ever changing landscape, we invite one or two guests to join us every month. We theme each podcast around the background and expertise of the distinguished guests. R2RR is hosted on the Sorinex Be Legendary platform along with other high powered podcasts hosted by various top-level professionals.

Join us each month as they dive into a topic, complete with research articles to reference and send you further down the rabbit hole of how to best train athletes!

Want to be a guest, or have a topic in mind? Let us know!


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