Complete Conditioning for Football


Today’s players are bigger, stronger, and faster than ever before. A focused conditioning program has become essential to on-the-field success. Complete Conditioning for Football features a comprehensive training approach that builds players’ abilities as well as the football-specific skills their positions require.

In this special book and DVD package, authors Pat Ivey and Josh Stoner explain and demonstrate the very same exercises and drills they use to develop speed, power, strength, and agility with the game’s premier collegiate and professional players. Their programs will help you

  • generate explosive power to move your opponent off the line of scrimmage;
  • increase first-step, reactionary, and closing speed;
  • improve arm and shoulder strength for longer, more accurate passes; and
  • maximize agility and leg strength to hold blocks and break or avoid tackles.

In addition, the DVD takes you onto the gridiron and into the gym to demonstrate the most effective exercises and drills for your position, skill set, and goals.

With physical assessment tests, nutrition advice, and seasonal workouts, Complete Conditioning for Football is your guide to maximizing your talents and becoming a perennial all-pro.

Kindle and paperback edition available.