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When I was a Division I Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, our doors were always open for visiting coaches and because of this, we had coaches visiting from everywhere. We had entire strength staffs coming to spend time with us in some cases, in others, coaches would send their entire intern crew to come and learn. We hosted sport coaches, Athletic Trainers, nutritionists, and even administrators so we could share our experience in the weight room.

Sharing and learning were foundational to our success both within the athletic department, but also with our athletes. We would learn just as much as those coming to visit us because of the shared experience – them asking us questions and sharing how things operated at their school/in their position. And it goes without saying that we took every opportunity we could to go visit others as well.

Well, since making the jump to administration, things are no different in that people still reach out to connect, learn, and have conversations. These interactions got me thinking about how I could continue to share the experience from my current position, but in a different way since I don’t have a weight room experience to share like I had previously. It’s a different experience now.

Don’t get me wrong, I still answer all my calls, texts, and emails from those seeking advice, and it’s one of the main reasons why I started Pat Ivey Performance and pativey.com. Time is precious to us all and using online platforms allows me to still focus on my “day” job while providing a valuable service to many professionals… my way of continuing to pay it forward.

Some of the top professionals still wanted more – more time, more picking my brain, more advice, etc – so I expanded into consulting and even hiring associates to assist me. You may have even thought about ways to expand the knowledge of you and your staff but weren’t sure how to start that conversation. So here’s how:

Consulting can be whatever you make it.

The definition of consulting is “engaged in the business of giving expert advice to people working in a professional or technical field.” That’s exactly what we do. As Pat Ivey Performance continues to grow, the services we offer grow, too.

We’ve consulted on how to improve the operations and communication of a strength and conditioning staff; we’ve consulted on how to implement a mental conditioning program for the coaches to then be able to lead their athletes in learning the mental skills for sport. Additionally we’ve helped a department walk through how to write proposals and gain funding to improve their capacity for their athletes.

“Working with Dr. Pat Ivey and his team has been invaluable to my entrepreneurial growth. My initial work in youth sports lacked structure and systematic stability but Pat Ivey Performance helped me facilitate a plan to develop and execute a system that mastered both of those things. I felt connected and supported throughout the entire process and having a consistent reference point with unlimited access to their resources was instrumental in the successful completion of our work together.”

Tony Temple

Temple Made Fitness

With myself and the other Pat Ivey Performance associates we’re talking decades and decades of experience, wisdom and perspective to draw upon for our consulting clients. For the time being, we do have to be selective in who we accept as consulting clients, as we all have full time jobs, but we believe there’s always time to help another.

If you think we may be able to help you, please reach out and let’s see what we can accomplish together. It may just be one conversation or it may grow into a great business relationship.

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