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Ten years ago we began having conversations at Mizzou about mental toughness and how sport psychology could help with our football team. We heard about what Alabama was doing and thought we should explore what they were doing to see if and how we could implement something similar. 

At some point Coach Pinkel determined the emphasis of our mental training needed to be on improving our focus and we needed an expert to help. Ultimately he decided on the principles of Dr. Coach McGuire who was transitioning from our Head Track and Field coach to the Director of Sport Psychology for the athletics department. 

Coach McGuire used a comprehensive and integrated philosophy to deliver sport psychology services to all sports teams, coaches, administrators, and athletes. Because of my interest in the field of sport psychology and my position training the team, I became the delivery mechanism for teaching what we called “Mental Conditioning” to the football team. 

We started one year during summer conditioning and brought the entire team in for 30 minutes every Monday night and taught them the skills of focus. Soon after, I began taking doctorate courses on my own in pursuit of a PhD in Sport Psychology under the tutelage of Dr. Coach Rick McGuire.

From there we iterated through the focus-based Mental Conditioning curriculum each summer with the entire team. But after a few years our juniors and seniors came to us wanting more! They had developed the skills of focus and wanted even more Mental Conditioning to increase their mental edge. 

Thus was born the mental toughness curriculum of our Mental Conditioning series, complete with the four pillars of what it takes to be mentally tough. Our upper classmen had the maturity level to understand how developing this mental toughness could be the difference maker in competition and in life.

After receiving my doctorate in Sport Psychology and teaching the Mental Conditioning curriculum for years, I’ve finally put it all together in a self-paced online course ideal for coaches, athletes and administrators alike. In it, you can learn to implement an indestructible foundation of mental toughness in your athletes using the innovative Mental Conditioning Techniques. These 13 lessons will help you develop routines which will help not only with sport, but with everyday life performance.

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