Maximizing the Student Athlete Experience


MARCH, 2023

Being a student athlete is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding roles you can take on. It requires a great deal of physical, tactical, and mental conditioning to excel in your sport. For those who are just starting out as student athletes or are looking for ways to improve their performance, I have created a course – Maximizing the Student Athlete Experience – to provide all the information that I wish I had when I was just beginning as a student athlete. This comprehensive course combines teachings from my book, The Table, with over a decade of mental conditioning work that I have done. Let’s look at what this course has to offer and how it can help you maximize your experience as a student athlete.


The Course Content

As a student athlete, your coaches and support staff typically cover the physical aspects (strength & conditioning) along with the tactical aspects (Xs and Os) but the mental/life part of sport is often the last aspect covered, if it’s covered at all. But the mental/life portion provides you with tools to help manage stress and anxiety surrounding school work, social life, and performance expectations both on-and-off the field/court/pitch/etc. That means the most important part is rarely covered, an issue I’m trying to change with this course, Maximizing the Student Athlete Experience.

The Benefits of Taking this Course

The benefits of taking this course are numerous! It will give you an advantage over other student athletes by helping you develop the mental skills to perform your best (in sport and life) along with bringing awareness to all the opportunities you have as a student athlete – all of which will put you ahead of the competition. It will also equip you with strategies for dealing with pressure so that performance anxiety does not become an issue when competing or practicing your sport. Lastly, by having this course as your go-to resource for your student athlete experience, you’ll have the accumulated knowledge of my 30 years in athletics, along with all the wisdom gained from those around me during my athletic career.

All in all, Maximizing the Student Athlete Experience is an exceptional opportunity for high school student athletes looking to get ahead in their respective sports! Combining my book’s teachings along with my decade long experience in mental conditioning into one comprehensive course provides invaluable knowledge that can be used to help maximize success on-and-off the field/court/pitch/etc., something nobody else teaches student athletes about! With its combination of the mental skills of sport and life along with shedding light on how to take advantage of all your opportunities, this course is an invaluable asset towards helping students reach their full potential! So if you’re ready to take your game up a notch or two then join me today by signing up for my Maximizing the Student Athlete Experience Course! You won’t regret it!

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