Holiday Year End Networking



Our current digital environment is a training ground for relationship building. Whether you’re coaching your athletes remotely, managing clients through an app or communicating with them by phone and email instead of in person – we all need to develop our skills when it comes time to build strong relationships digitally!

I’m continually asked about principles behind successful online interactions so naturally I have several notes and go-to ideas I keep on hand that are likely reminders of what you already know; afterall there are many people out here who could benefit greatly from what they already know but just need the quick reminder.

I believe it’s necessary to approach relationships just like you would any game plan- be prepared. Think through the execution and have an actual strategy that will work for everyone involved in your department or team or professional network; this isn’t about transactions but rather individuals with whom we can relate based on personality types.

We all want to feel like we’re important and deserve some recognition; it’s human nature. Whether they need a personalized reach out in the form of text when their team wins big or just one card per year for holidays, knowing what kind each person in your network (athletes, colleagues, or acquaintances) will help improve your relationships.

The holidays are just around the corner, which means it’s time to review your virtual rolodex and make sure you touch base with a phone call, email or holiday card. Also, the coaching carousel isn’t far off so strengthening your connections, one interaction at a time, is the best strategy I know of for both professional development and career longevity.

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