Having a College Freshman


JULY, 2022

I have lived or worked on a college campus for over 30 years and watched numerous students and student athletes make the transition from living at home with their parents or guardians to moving into a dorm. I’m giving this background to say experiencing the transition and watching it happen is completely different when it happens with your own child. I finally got to experience that transition last fall with my oldest daughter and we moved her to Columbus, Ohio.

My hope in writing this blog is to help the next coach who is going to experience this. I think I was as prepared as I could be because many people gave my wife and I some good advice about what to expect. There were so many emotions especially as the move in date got closer. That time seemed to speed everyday leading up to that moment. A lot of memories seemed to come to the forefront of my thoughts. And speaking of time, that is our most precious commodity.

As a coach, we spend so much time helping to raise someone else’s ‘pride and joy.’ Due to the time and energy demands of being a college strength and conditioning coach or coach in general, we can find ourselves being torn in many directions. One suggestion I have for you is to not miss those special moments with the kids. And many of those moments which may seem important to us may not be the most significant with our own kids. I know that some of you reading this may not have kids but you are still working with someone else’s most prized possession.

I was fortunate as a coach I had a working environment and culture where we could have our kids around the weight room and running in the halls of the facility. Those memories flooded my mind leading up the moment when we dropped my daughter off. I was prepared for that moment. What I was not prepared for when we returned back home and the house was quiet. That was a lonely feeling. It reminded me of that feeling of being homesick when I was first on a college campus. The main message I want to share is maximize the time you have with your kids. They will be on their own one day and you want them to be ready and you will want the feeling of satisfaction and not regret.

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