Guest Highlight: Tommy Moffitt



I remember scrolling on social media and a post high-lighting the four strength coaches of the teams that went to the College Football Playoff Championships caught my eye. The comments in the post drew attention to the outstanding people these individuals are and the exceptional careers they’re having in the strength and conditioning field.

I know each one of these four men and I wondered if I could get each of them on the Beyond Sets and Reps podcast. And it’s that simple – that’s how this four part mini series was born! This week we’re kicking it off with the first of four successful strength coaches and, more importantly, great men – both in and out of the weight room.

First up, we are coming out strong with this past season’s National Champion Strength and Conditioning Coach, Tommy Moffitt. Coach Moffit has been at LSU for 20 years and has been to a bowl game 25 years in a row! He’s been a National Strength and Conditioning coach on multiple occasions and his list of assistants who have gone on to find success is seemingly endless. His accolades go on and on so I don’t want to bore you with all the Google-able stuff. Instead, I’ll talk about the man I have come to know.

The first time I met Coach Moffitt was when his son was visiting Mizzou on a baseball recruiting trip. I remember introducing myself and I was quite surprised to see how Coach Moffitt became Tommy Moffitt (no Coach), the dad of a recruit. His humility immediately stuck out to me. That moment told me all I needed to know about who Coach Moffitt was.

Until now I’ve never shared my thoughts from that interaction so there it is. When I reached out to Coach Moffitt to be on the podcast, he responded so fast I had to hurry up and get my stuff together! I expected the process to take a while, it usually takes potential guests a few days to get back to me. This man is the definition of integrity, hard work, and humility. Maybe growing up on a farm had something to do with that?

I’m excited to share a special person with you all. Get ready because it’s going to be a great ride and Coach Moffitt gets us out of the gates fast. Coach Moffitt was born in Springfield, Tennessee, and is married to the former Jill Beron and they have three children.


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