Guest Highlight: Matt Banker



I first met Matt Banker in the locker room when I was a Collegiate football player at the University of Missouri. Matt was a walk-on kicker also known as a Specialist. He had a short career before moving on to complete his education.

Over 25 years later we would be reconnected when he was on the hiring committee for the position I currently hold at the University of Louisville. Matt Banker is the Associate Director of Compliance at Louisville.

It takes a special person to be a Compliance officer and that’s exactly what Matt Banker is. A compliance officer is one who helps guide an Athletic Department to follow the rules set forth by the NCAA. Trust me, being a compliance officer is not an easy job for the easily offended!

Fortunately, I’ve been around some awesome compliance professionals who have helped me walk the lines and avoid making any huge mistakes. The best compliance professionals educate while monitoring the conduct of every single person and department in an Athletics Department. 

Matt listens to the Beyond Sets and Reps podcast and asked if one day he could be a guest. Well guess what?! It didn’t take a week for me to ask him to be on this podcast. I hope you can learn something because I know I did!

Most of all, if you’re a current student athlete, I hope you’ll add being a compliance officer to the list of possible careers if you want to work in College Athletics. The number one prerequisite is you have to be a person of great integrity. I’m proud of Matt, especially since we were former College teammates. This is definitely an example of the power of relationships.


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