Mark Alnutt


JULY, 2020

Mark Alnutt is the Director of Athletics at University of New York at Buffalo. Prior to his current appointment at Buffalo, he was the Deputy Athletics Director at the University of Memphis. His first Director of Athletics role was at Southeast Missouri State University. As he began his career in Athletics he filled various roles at the University of Missouri: Senior Associate AD for Administration, Associate AD for Administration, Assistant AD for Football Operations, Director of Football Operations, Administrative/Video Graduate Assistant for Football.

I first met Mark in 1991 as we were both incoming freshman football players at the University of Missouri. Mark was one of the most intelligent people on the team as he had earned an academic scholarship to attend the university. He was a preferred walk on and at the time I had no idea what the difference was between a scholarship player and a non-scholarship (preferred walk-on) player. Mark was one of the most hard-working players on the team and eventually he earned and athletic scholarship. 

Mark’s passion for people and the pursuit of perfection brought us and many of our teammates close together. He is a true leader and always had a focus and purpose to help others be leaders as well. He talks a lot about leadership repeatedly in this podcast because he truly believes in and exemplifies what a true leader is. I will continue to expect great things from Mark as he continues to drive forward as a true leader in Athletics.

If you are a current or former student athlete/ coach,  and have ever thought about working in an athletics department you should listen to this podcast. Mark Alnutt lays out the many necessary steps and attitudes one should embrace to climb the ladder as a leader in college athletics. I could not be more proud to call Mark a great friend and a brother. 

Mark has a BA in Sociology and MPA in Public Administration at the University of Missouri Married to Kate and have four children, Jaren 19, Kinleigh 15, Mason 13 and Aidan 11.

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