Guest Highlight: Keyon Dooling
JUNE, 2019
When I first met Keyon Dooling I was serving as the Director of Athletic Performance and oversaw the training for all the teams at the University of Missouri. Until Keyon, I hadn’t seen a player with better vertical explosion or the ability to soar in the air better in my life.Not only did he bring a higher level of talent to the Mizzou basketball team, but he brought his smile and contagious personality.
Because my wife was the academic coordinator for the Mizzou men’s basketball team during the time Keyon played, I got to know Keyon better than most of the other basketball players at that time. Our home served as a quiet study place and we didn’t mind him being there late to get his work done. Keyon might even have a funny story about the time he called really late and I answered the phone. I didn’t hold it against him because he was always one of the most respectful student athletes ever.

I followed his career after college including the 13 years he spent as a professional basketball player in the NBA. His story about his childhood and the subsequent PTSD had become national news. I found his story so moving because I knew him so well personally. Because of his courage he has become a national spokesperson for mental health issues and is doing some much needed work around this topic for society. There’s not a better person to champion the cause to bring more awareness to mental health.

Many high school teachers and coaches are battling mental health issues alongside their students and athletes, doing the best they can do be supportive of these young people. Keyon gives a tremendous amount of insight to help these professionals working with our sons and daughters. As we all become more aware of mental health issues and learn how to work together to fight the stigmas, we will continue to help make our society a better place for all.

To learn more about Keyon’s message, find him on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Contact him for speaking engagements, or check out his book, “What’s Driving You???


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