Guest highlight:

kate o’bryan

JUNE, 2020

Kate O’Bryan is from Louisville, KY and went to Mercer Academy. She attended the University Louisville and was on the inaugural rowing team. She’s currently the Director of Mental Health for Louisville Athletics. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and works as a team with a Director of Mental Performance and a Psychiatrist to serve all of the Louisville Cardinal student athletes.

Kate enjoys the simple life and living space that includes having horses nearby. She cares about her family and her student athletes. I have personally enjoyed getting to know her and working with her on a daily basis. 
Kate currently has her hands full trying to conduct one on one meetings via telehealth as we are in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. As we work to re-socialize back to our campuses all around the nation, professionals like Kate will be more important than ever. 

Add the virus with all the social issues plaguing our nation and we will find mental health to be more important than ever, especially for the student athlete population who are under so much pressure to perform. I am excited to bring Kate to Beyond Sets and Reps as we talk about the mental side of athletics and how we can help our athletes and coaches practice better mental health.

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