Guest Highlight: Gabriel Jackson
Compared to many of my previous podcast guests which I’ve met via coaching, Coach Gabe Jackson and I have a more unique connection. We met through a weekly conference call centered around spirituality, business, and sports. As I listened to him speak about his passion for coaching and working with young people, I knew he’d be an excellent guest on the show.
Simply from listening to him talk, I could identify his unique approach to working with young people. He didn’t have a mentor specifically teaching him what qualities made a good coach, but rather from his experiences as an athlete he learned what he wanted in a coach and so he became – his focus in training young athletes is teaching and coaching the person from the inside out.

Coach Jackson’s background is interesting, and he gets into it during the episode as he talks about being a former student athlete and transitioning to an entrepreneur and Coach. Throughout the years I’ve heard my athletes athletes talk of their aspirations in this same professional direction (entrepreneurship and coaching), so I’m thrilled to bring on someone who is seeing such success in this arena.

As a former student athlete myself, it was important for me to have role models as examples of what I was aspiring to be. I believe if we have more teachers, coaches, and instructors like Coach Jackson working with our student athletes, we can create a more positive environment for the betterment of society at large. Coach Jackson’s caring and compassionate approach to working with student athletes has made a huge impact on them and the generations to come. I hope when you listen to this episode, you’ll come away with one thing you can add to your teaching or coaching repertoire to make a more positive outcome for you and for those young people you work with.

Coach Jackson’s training facility, Mini’s House of Pain, is located in El Dorado Hills, CA along with his softball academy, Next Level Academy. You can follow Mini’s House of Pain, Next Level Academy or Coach Jackson’s personal account on Instagram.


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