Guest Highlight: Duane Carlisle


MAY, 2019

I’ve met a LOT of people throughout the years and I can say with confidence Coach Duane Carlisle is one of the best people I’ve ever met. He’s passionate, driven, and intelligent which guides him on a path to continuously gain knowledge and educate himself. I have personally known him for over ten years and during that time he has never stopped is forward progress.

Coach Carlisle is an entrepreneur, speed and performance expert, husband, and father. He doesn’t just demand his own excellence and improvement, he does so for those around him as well. Every conversation I’ve had with him I’ve found myself scrambling for pen and paper to take notes. After wisening up I’m always prepared with the ‘Notes’ app on my phone at the very least.

I mention in the podcast how Coach Carlisle is the one who inspired me to start Beyond Sets and Reps. He’s had his podcast, The Pursuit of Excellence, since 2017 and has interviewed industry professionals such as Mike Boyle, Pete Bommarito, and Dr. John Berardi.

We finish the podcast by discussing savings and setting yourself up for retirement, or worst-case scenario of losing your job. Duane’s business savvy and ‘never settle’ mentality dives him forward with his successful business, Carlisle Performance Systems, in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I am very excited to bring to you someone who cares as much about people as he does helping them to get faster.


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