Dr. Ty Douglas


JULY, 2020

Ty-Ron M. O. Douglas, PhD, aka “Dr. Ty-Ron M. O. Douglas, PhD, aka “Dr. Ty” is CEO of The OSHEA Group— an educational consultancy company that provides research to practice solutions at the intersection of race, leadership, and space (e.g. athletics); he is also an associate professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis at the University of Missouri (Mizzou).

A sought-after international speaker, thought leader and consultant, he has offered guest commentary for major national networks, including Fox News. The recipient of a NCAA grant to study black male athletes and author of the award-winning book, Border Crossing Brothas: Black Males Navigating Race, Place & Complex Space, Dr. Douglas’ scholarship has appeared in outlets such as Teachers College Record and The Urban Review. 

He has two new books, including Campus Uprisings: How Student Activists and Collegiate Leaders Resist Racism and Create Hope (Teachers College Press), which—drawing on uprisings at Mizzou and Howard University—provides guidance for executive and campus leaders. 

A former soccer player in Bermuda and at the collegiate level, Douglas’ work in athletics includes a study of Black male student-athletes at Mizzou, a study and documentary on collegiate and professional athletes in South Africa, and ongoing work on the trajectories and transitions of former professional basketball players. Dr. Douglas is a community leader, lay pastor, and international speaker; he is happily married with two sons.

I was first introduced to Dr. Ty by several people at Missouri. I kept hearing Dr. Ty’s name over and over until we finally met. Mutual colleagues would stress how much we needed to find a way to work together and collaborate because we “both have so much to offer.” I would learn soon after our introduction why many people were so adamant I meet Dr. Ty. 

I learned his passion for sports and young people is second to none. He cares about young men and women as people behind the jerseys, helmets, and hats. His passion to help them find their identities within and outside of sport is infectious. His work is very important to those who dedicate their lives to serving the next generation.

I realize we are experiencing some complex times in our nation and in the world. As a strength and conditioning coach for over 20 years I had the pleasure of coaching people from all different backgrounds. Dr. Ty’s experiences and perspectives need to be heard. I realize his perspectives may be controversial to some, but it’s important that we have these conversations because our athletes’ experiences are the ones that should matter most. I invite you to go on a journey to hear how some of our athletes experience sport in today’s society.

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