Guest Highlight: Dr. Rick McGuire
APRIL, 2019

Dr. Rick McGuire, or Coach McGuire as he prefers, is currently the Director of the Missouri Institute for Positive Coaching. He retired from the University of Missouri as the Director of Sport Psychology for Intercollegiate Athletics as well as a Graduate Professor of Sport Psychology. During his tenure he established masters and doctoral programs in Sport Psychology.

Coach McGuire served as the Head Track & Field Coach at the University of Missouri for 27 years coaching countless champions and earning numerous accolades. While he is extremely proud of these athletic accomplishments, his proudest and most fulfilling moments are witnessing the life accomplishments of all of the athletes he’s helped mentor over the years.

I personally have known Dr. Rick McGuire for more than 25 years. He is someone I look to as a mentor, teacher, coach, father figure, and role model. Many of his athletes and students call him Yoda, which for me means old wise one.

It’s hard to put into words just how much Dr. McGuire means to me and how much he has invested in me as an individual. To this day he continues challenging me to be the best person, coach, husband and father I can be. And best of all, his challenges come in the form of encouragement to strive even further than I thought possible.

Dr. Maguire, if you know him, is never short on words and he ALWAYS has time to pour into you. I’ve never met someone who can pick up on a conversation so fast, and listen so well, and be ready to give advice that you can use.

Dr. McGuire was always consulted on any difficult life decisions or situations I have encountered over the past 15 years. He is a special person to me and so many others, and it’s an honor to know him and call him a friend.


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