Guest Highlight: Dave Roberson



Dave Roberson is the Director of Player Development and the Director of Recruiting at Arkansas State University. Somehow he balances two very difficult jobs and manages to make it look easy. I’m sure if you asked him how he does it, he’d jokingly say something about having swag or some super power abilities. But he’s actually as humble as they come, which makes him that much more fun to be around.

I first met Dave a few years ago when I joined the ASU staff and he immediately made a positive impression on me. Instantly I felt as though I had known him all my life, he’s just one of those easy going people who has never met a stranger. Along those same lines, he’s been given a unique ability to connect and get to know people in a deep personal level.

It must be that ‘thing’ about him where people feel comfortable opening up to him, even though they’ve only just met him. If I was a betting man, I’d bet that’s why Coach Blake Anderson hired him to help bring in the best talent and develop the players as people and young men once they’re on campus. Dave’s ability to relate and connect makes him a role model and big brother type to the entire team.

As a former student athlete and coach, Dave has a wealth of knowledge always ready to share so get out your paper and pen. In this episode we talk about recruiting, coaching, parenting, and developing young people. He gives advice on how to help ensure you’re doing what you can to help your child with the best possible preparation to maximize their opportunities for recruitment and development. 


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