Guest Highlight: Brett hayes



I can honestly say Brett Hayes is one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met. The part of his uniqueness that clicks the most with me is his love of sports and human anatomy; and the amount of respect he has for what’s possible when the two come together. 

He is a physical therapist by trade and works as a hospital healthcare administrator, officially as the Senior Director of MU Therapy Services and the MU Human Performance Institute. With the understanding that he’s great at what he does as an administrator, I think where Brett truly shines is that he’s a great hands-on clinician and connector with people.

I was introduced to Brett a few years back as he was brought on board at the University of Missouri as the Director of Therapeutic Services for the University’s Hospital System. Brett’s arrival timed up perfectly as we were growing our Corrective Biomechanics Division within Athletic Performance. Brett advised our staff as we collaborated on health and performance modules. His involvement was crucial in our quest to build a premier Athletic Performance department.

Brett has an extensive background working with athletes from being a consultant to the Seattle Seahawks to owning his own physical therapy practice in Boise, Idaho. I’m excited to bring him on the show this week to share some of his knowledge with providing care for athletes. His experiences range from helping athletes get from the surgery table all the way to scoring the game-winning touchdown or home run.


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