Guest Highlight: Bennie Wylie


MARCH, 2020

Friend or Foe? The first time I met Coach Bennie Wylie, we were both young head strength and conditioning coaches in the Big 12, he was at Texas Tech and I was at Missouri. 

He had a good staff and I had a good staff. He had a good Head Football Coach and I had a good Head Football Coach. His players were big, fast, strong, and explosive and so were the players I coached. Coach Wylie had an organized pregame on-the field routine and so did we. His shades were dark like mine and his Dri-Fit t-shirt in pregame was tight and so was mine! All of this and the game hadn’t even started. You would’ve thought we were there for a heavyweight fight against each other.

After a few years of this back and forth we plus getting to know each other at National Conferences I can look Coach Wylie in the eyes and see an awesome human being. I see a person who I have the ultimate respect for as a man, husband, father, and coach. I see a person who I can’t wait to share conversations and exchange ideas and information. So, when I had the idea to have the College Football Playoff Strength Coaches on the Beyond Sets and Reps Podcast as a series, I got really excited. 

Coach Bennie Wylie has experience on the collegiate and professional level, as well as in the private sector. He is a hustler by nature and understands the power of relationships and networking. In a profession which at times seems like it is very hardcore and cutthroat, Coach Wylie finds ways to adapt and to be ready to the next opportunity. He’s not afraid to challenge himself or venture outside of his comfort zone. The one constant thing in his life is his love for his family. I’m excited for part 2 of this series as we continue to get a look behind the scenes at another very successful professional. 


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