Guest Highlight: Andrew Paul



Andrew Paul is from St. Louis, MO. Most of his family all live very close to each other. It doesn’t take long to figure out how important being from St. Louis and Family is to Andrew. He is a person who is very grounded in his values and respect for others.

When I first met Andrew, he was an intern for us at he University of Missouri in the weight room. It didn’t take long for him to earn trust from the staff through his consistency and hard work. He always stepped up to take on task to prove his value to everyone around him. Most importantly, he wanted to be a great coach.

Coach Paul was always hungry to learn, grow, and apply what he learned. He is an avid reader. In fact, you will hear how he taught himself to speed read. This skill would be very valuable, especially when Andrew decided to pursue his Doctorate in Physical Therapy while being a full-time Athletic Performance Coach. His pursuit of education and application lead him to become the Director of Transitional Therapy in the Athletic Performance Department.

Having a background in Strength and Conditioning and Physical Therapy has made Coach Paul a rare and unique individual. He went on to work at Exos and is now the Director of Athletic Performance for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Coach Paul brings humility and confidence with him as he continues to push boundaries in developing Athletes.



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