Guest Highlight: Dr. Amber Selking



I hope you’re ready for some energy because I have lightning in a bottle for you this week. I first met this young woman when she was a doctoral student studying Sport Psychology at the University of Missouri. It didn’t take me long to realize she was a rising star in Business and Athletics. Dr. Amber Selking’s passion and energy are always present, especially when it’s time to perform.

As a former collegiate soccer student athlete, she understands the work ethic it takes to be great. She had her battles with injuries, and it made her a stronger person. Dr. Selking focused her research and wrote her dissertation on the experience of athletes as their athletic careers come to an end. While she was a doctoral student, Amber, Dr. Rick McGuire, and myself, collaborated and constructed a model for developing a Culture of Mental Toughness.

She is now a consultant and serves as the Director of Mental Performance for Notre Dame football. Dr. Selking is also the Director of People Performance at Lippert Components in South Bend, Indiana. She also has her own business called the Selking Performance Group. I consider her a resource and good friend. I’m sure you will enjoy listening to her as much as I enjoyed getting a chance to converse with her. Trust me, it was not easy to catch up with her and find time to fit in recording this episode!

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