Guest Appearances



Over the years as podcasting has become increasingly popular, I’ve appeared on several platforms. In an effort to highlight those platforms, I’ve put together a list of the episodes I’ve done so you can check them out, and if you like them, subscribe to their show!

The Nomad Strength Show (2022)

Athlete Hackers Podcast with Chris Schrade and Mark Spellman (2021)

NSCA Mental Health & Resilience (2021)

NSCA’s Coaching Podcast Episode #101 with Eric McMahon (2021)

It’s My Time Podcast Episode #76 with Asher Tchoua (2021)

Scaling to Success Episode #33 with Zach Mobius (2021)

Strong Life Podcast Episode #261 with Zach Even-Esh (2021)

The London Effect Episode #19 with Jeff London (2021)

EliteForm Cocktail Hour with Skip Cronin (2020)

PowerMizzou.com Podcasts Episode #309 with Gabe DeArmond (2020)

Powering Performance Season 2, Episode #9 with Ryan Carroll (2020)

GoPro Podcast Episode #11 with Nathan Brown (2020)

Three Cycle Strength Episode #3 with Adam Reed (2020)

The Good Athlete Podcast Episode #68 with Jim Davis (2019)

One Question Leadership Podcast with Tai Brown (2019)

Building Championship Mindsets Season 4, Episode #5 with Dr. Amber Selking (2018)

Coach Carlisle’s Pursuit of Excellence Show with Duane Carlisle (2018)

Drug Free Sport with Lara Gray (2017)

Building Championship Mindsets Episode #5 with Dr. Amber Selking (2017)

Iron Game Chalk Talk Episode #38 with Ron McKeefery (2014)

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