A Decade of Teaching a Masters Level Course



Approximately 10 years ago Dr. Rick McGuire got to see one of his dreams come to fruition. He had a dream of creating an online master’s degree program for teachers and coaches to help continue their education. 

Positive coaching was his passion and coaching coaches was a part of his mission. As a lifelong coach, he realized time was a valuable resource, maybe the most valuable resource. He also knew that as a lifelong coach many hours had to be dedicated to developing people.

To help his dream come to a reality he asked several of his former doctoral students and colleagues to become adjunct professors in positive coaching and leadership. The class I’ve taught for nearly a decade now is Foundations of Sport Performance. In this class we discuss coaching philosophies, speed, agility, strength, conditioning, and nutrition. At the end of the class the students are asked to produce a final project that consists of a four week program for a particular sport.

I’ve had hundreds of students in my class over the years and I’ve had the chance to meet several of them in person. They aren’t all even coaches though! Sure, I’ve had division one strength coaches who work with football, but I’ve had just as many (if not more) other professionals in athletics… and even some who don’t have an attachment to athletics at all!

When I get the chance to interact with the people in my class it is some of the most rewarding experiences because I know they’re real people who are trying to be better versions of themselves. Some of the most fascinating students I’ve had were not just teachers or coaches but lifelong learners. Some are entrepreneurs and some are retired. But they all have something in common and that is they love to challenge themselves.

One day I hope to be able to create a class in this degree program that will focus on advanced methods of sport performance. I am also a lifelong learner and I love sharing information and having conversations that challenge the status quo. If you or someone you know are interested I would encourage you to seek other opportunities to continue to learn. In my opinion it is always better to have a growth mindset and a fixed mindset.

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