Jason Ray

In this episode of Beyond Sets & Reps, I welcome former Mizzou wide receiver Jason Ray. He shares his inspiring journey from Broken Arrow High School in Oklahoma to becoming a team captain at Mizzou and playing in the 2008 Cotton Bowl. He details his coaching career, which took him to various schools and he recounts his experiences, from sweeping floors to winning championships, and the values of hard work and humility instilled by his parents.

After coaching, Ray returned to Oklahoma, embracing his roots by learning a cattle operation with his father. Transitioning into financial literacy education with Synergy Financial Partners, Ray now focuses on educating and empowering young athletes about money management, inspired by his former athletes who recognized his potential beyond coaching. He continues to make a significant impact off the field by teaching financial literacy.

Tune in to hear Jason Ray’s insightful journey and learn how financial literacy can transform lives both on and off the field. And learn more about what he’s doing, and/or contact him, here.

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