Bert Sorin

Growing up with a chip on his shoulder to always exceed people’s low expectations of him, Bert Sorin has taken that drive and continued building the legacy of Sorinex Exercise Equipment. From developing state of the art equipment to bringing people together, Bert takes pride in leaving a footprint on the world, and on people’s hearts.

Show Highlights

A lot of hyper successful people were the weird kids who found their superpower – that’s a belief of Bert Sorin as he readily admits he was weird, weak, a late bloomer, and people underestimated him. But that planted a healthy chip firmly on his shoulder that made him want to ruin people’s days by exceeding their expectations of him.

Throughout the show you’ll hear Bert’s superpower coming through in his desire to have a positive impact on the world. With a war cry like “be legendary” and his company’s efforts to support industry thought leaders to increase reach and impact, it’s obvious Bert has plans to take Sorinex to an unprecedented level.

He draws comparisons between nature and the weight room, both being unforgiving yet nondiscriminatory and thus attracting him to both. There’s a level of accountability unlike any others – when nature, or 500+ pounds, is trying to kill you, the onus is on you to prepare. Bert decided early on he was going to accept the challenge of preparation, which he does in more ways than creating exercise equipment.

Sorinex Exercise Equipment can be found at www.sorinex.com and Bert can be found @BertSorin.


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