Episode 5

Sport Science

Oct 7, 2020 | 0 comments

Dr. and Coach Josh “Nellie” Nelson is the Assistant AD, Applied Health and Performance Science at Penn State University where he’s doing the definition of this podcast – bringing the research to the reps. In his role, he’s unattached to another department within athletics so he and his staff are in a unique position of educating athletes, coaches and administration alike. With the aim of guiding all involved to data driven increased performance, the focus is on relationship building, trust, and collaboration.

Notable Time Stamps

0:00:00 Introductions

0:03:50 Sport Scientist Role in Collegiate Athletics

0:06:45 Path to Becoming a Sport Scientist

0:12:20 Sport Science in Professional vs Collegiate Athletics

0:15:40 Athlete Buy-in with Sport Science

0:24:45 Sport Science Stigma

0:31:30 Sport Sciences in the Trenches

0:42:48 Challenges in Sport Science

0:56:10 Big 10 Football is Back

0:59:20 If You Knew Then What You Know Now

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