Jen Widerstrom

Jen Widerstrom is a fitness icon and after listening to this episode you’ll know why. She’s humble, wise beyond her years, and eager to help guide others to success. From her own journey with sports and fitness to how we can each pay it forward, there’s no shortage of quotables from this show.

Show Highlights

Even with a successful collegiate track and field career, being an American Gladiator, and a coach on The Biggest Loser, Jen Widerstrom can speak from experience on the benefits of movement as medicine. From looking great and feeling terrible, to looking and feeling terrible, she found the drive to transform herself into looking and feeling great.

The mental health and obesity crises washing over the nation are holding us back in other areas of our lives. Jen’s mission is to use movement as medicine to transform people down to their souls, not just their physical body. Courage breeds competence which breeds confidence; and transformation doesn’t have to mean change, but rather revealing what’s been there all along.

For women in the industry, there’s rarely anyone preventing you from doing it, but you do have to ask. Everyone began as a beginner and got help along the way, and especially in the strength and conditioning industry people are happy to pay it forward.

When looking at it from a mentorship lineage, it’s about honoring the people who came before you, who trained the people before you, and magnifying their impact in addition to your own. Remember the investment people made in you and pay it forward by making others feel important and that they belong. Recreate that feeling that you had for others; put people first.



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