Episode 4

Positive Psychology

Sep 9, 2020 | 0 comments

Dr. Coach Rick McGuire, one of the most prolific sport psychologists of our time takes us through the most notable sport psychology names and research of the last century. But don’t mistake this for just a boring history lesson! His expertise in the field not only lets him explain each contributor’s significance, but he’s able to tie them all together for the best practices of coaching. The lessons Coach McGuire teaches us in this episode are not only applicable to sport, but to life in general and, if these techniques are practiced, can help us all perform better.

Notable Time Stamps

0:00:00 – Introduction

0:03:37 – Original American Father of Sport Psychology Dr. Coleman Griffith

0:06:15 – Modern Father of Sport Psychology Bruce Ogilvie

0:19:05 – Kids Meet Sport at the Coach

0:26:00 – Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

0:33:50 – Albert Bandura (father of social learning theory)

0:35:40 – Albert Ellis’s Process of Thinking (the basis for CBT)

0:38:30 – More “Neck Up” Coaching than Ever Due to Covid

0:43:27 – Deci & Ryan’s Self Determination Theory

0:51:00 – Seligman’s Learned Helplessness and Flourishing Research (PERMA)

0:57:30 – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s Work on Flow

1:00:21 – Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset Research

1:03:53 – Nel Noddings’s Ethic of Care

1:05:55 – Buckingham & Hoffman on Transformational Leadership

1:10:00 – The Framework of Sport Psychology Research.

1:13:45 – Q&A

1:20:33 – Best Practices for Positive Coaching

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