With the majority of her career being spent coaching baseball, Coach Rachel Balkovec welcomes opportunities to earn respect from those around her. Having grown better as a person and a professional because of the discrimination she faced, she’s not only looking to continue advancing her career, but she’s also going to help other women do the same.


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As a life-long learner, Coach Balkovec is enjoying this phase of her career because she’s able to continue learning about the body and how to improve each player’s baseball swing. But she’s also eager to sit in on administrative meetings, pitching meetings, analyst meetings and whatever else she can sneak her way into.

Knowing she’ll one day likely work in the front office of a baseball organization, Balkovec is soaking up every aspect, always in preparation for what’s next and how she can optimize her time spent in each position. She’s had great mentors at each stage of her career who have helped her see what’s important and how to make the most of it.

Which is why she’s looking to do the same for other females – she and strength icon Jen Widerstrom are forming the Female Executive Mentorship (FEM) as a way to pay it forward and serve as mentors for females in male-dominated industries and/or positions. To find out more about FEM, contact Rachel via email or head to her website.

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