From being a student athlete and getting her start in broadcasting to now staying fit with a life on the road and her Winning Edge Leadership Academy, Maria Taylor is knocking out goals left and right! Breaking ground in her industry and providing a role model of possibilities to the younger generation, her self-awareness and maturity are off the charts.


Show Highlights

Maria Taylor became interested in journalism and broadcasting after signing up to take a course with a friend – she was hooked from there. While being a student athlete, Taylor recognized her opportunity for professional sports was limited so she took advantage of the opportunities that would help set her up for life after sport.

As a mature and very self-aware college student, she was able to recognize the time she had in college was precious, and the relationships she was building were even more so. Now in her position as a role model, she’s taking the responsibility very seriously and is honored to show young women what’s possible for them.

This is most evident by Taylor’s Winning Edge Leadership Academy where she provides a hand up to pay it forward to the next generation of leaders. Focused on teaching young people how to be solution oriented and develop into the best version of themselves has become a passion of Taylor’s. You can find out how to get involved on the academy’s website.

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