Growing up a humble three sport athlete, Max Scherzer is no stranger to hard work, in fact he’s made hard work his version of normal. Beginning with his college days and the amount of effort he put into training, Max takes us through how the weight room helped him reach the elite level of baseball. That leads into a great discussion of accountability and how Max uses it in his everyday life.


Show Highlights

Stressing the importance of playing multiple sports, Max talked us through what he learned playing baseball, football and basketball growing up. From the physical aspects like toughness and agility to the leadership styles of various coaches, there are just different things you learn from different sports that can come together in elite ways for the sport you end up specializing in. He also got exposed to more coaches and their styles, including how to take preparing for competition to the next level.

During Scherzer’s time at Mizzou, the hard work ethic was instilled continuously so when he got the professional level, there was a learning curve but he had all the basics thanks to the coaches and atmosphere at Mizzou. In the pros there’s no one there holding your hand so it really tests your will of how badly you want to compete.

Because he’s habitualized his own accountability, Max tries to get the most out of each day. Whether it’s nutrition or recovery, he challenges himself to do better than he did yesterday, or last week. There’s 162 games in a baseball season and he knows if he doesn’t consistently choose wisely on the little things, he’ll be exposed for his lack of preparation. Being the extreme competitor Scherzer is, he doesn’t have it in him to let that happen.

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