Mickey Marotti

Self-proclaimed old-school in his coaching principles, Coach Mickey Marotti speaks with us on not just winning championships, but developing champions. Having been in the strength and conditioning industry for over 30 years, he’s gained wisdom most of us will only aspire to.


Show Highlights

Growing up in a steel mill town, his role models were tough, rugged, grouchy and hard working so that’s what Coach Marotti had in mind for himself. He found through weight lifting he could live out his aspirations of being a tough guy so he got his start during the HIIT era when workouts were just plain brutal!

But he made it through those sessions and came out tougher on the other side where he continues to develop his craft. Noting that that change is always uncomfortable, but essential. Marotti is a lifelong learner because of his mentality that he owes it to his family and his athletes to be the best coach he can be every single day. It’s not in his DNA to let them down.

From telling us about instilling accountability in his athlete to how he helped the entire Ohio State University athletic department instill accountability throughout, Coach Marotti delivers on this episode!

You can find Coach Marotti on Twitter.

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