Growing up in a small southern town 30 minutes from Clemson, it was always a flagship school in his mind so it was nothing short of a blessing when Coach Joey Batson got hired there 24 years ago. He attributes his longevity in strength and conditioning to humility and consistency. If you want a model for how to be a top tier strength and conditioning coach, look no further than Coach Batson.


Show Highlights

Getting his love of strength and conditioning from powerlifting great Dan Austin, Coach Batson has been in the game for a while so he’s seen it evolve over time. From back in the day when the head strength coach oversaw all sports to now when the demands of football does require several full time strength coaches. As a coach from the Boyd Epley lineage, he learned early on to bring professionalism, organization and pride to his role as the strength and conditioning coach.

Even as a veteran of the industry and the program at Clemson, Coach Batson (and all his strength staff) still takes notes at every single team meeting. But it’s consistent habits like that which have gained his confidence and trust from head coach Dabo Swinney to help run the dynasty program they’ve built. Coach Batson knows his job is to show up and be the best strength coach for the program, and has a clear understanding of everyone else’s role and expertise in the program.

If Coach Batson needs a middle name, ‘humble’ is a fitting one for sure! You can find him on Twitter or via email.

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