Bennie Wylie

A father, husband, Christian and coach – in that order – Coach Bennie Wylie has figured out a way to keep his priorities in order. After figuring out how the athletics industry can be cut throat, his family and his network of real friends allowed him re-enter the industry wiser and choosier. With a calling to mentor young men and women, Coach Wylie has no shortage of influence on our young people – from his athletes to the military to average Joe’s, he’s helping build better people.


Show Highlights

Because he’s had his priorities in the wrong order, he now knows what it’s like and how good it feels to have them in the correct order. For his longevity as a coach, for his sanity, and for his heart, he knows his family comes first. But having his family and his faith allows him to be the elite coach he strives to be every day.

Getting to see people develop and mature and become leaders themselves is the most rewarding part of coaching for Wylie. He’s seen freshmen come in as boys and leave as fifth year seniors and grown men. He’s watched school teachers be the newbie of the group and over the course of a couple years develop into leaders who take the newbies under their wing.

And all of that is a part of his philosophy of being elite each and every day. There is no gray area – you either were or you weren’t. Everyone is striving to get better each day, just getting better won’t put you ahead of the competition. It’s about being elite – so that’s what he’s instilling in his athletes, training them for elite performance every day.

You can find Coach Wylie on Instagram, Twitter, or his company Alpha Warrior. A special thanks to our sposor, Sorinex.

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