A country boy at heart, Tommy Moffitt has only ever known hard work. With a great strength coach mentor in Jack Williamson, Coach Moffitt knew early he wanted to cut his teeth in the iron game. Now he’s coming off a CFP championship focused and wiser, so he’s taking his team back to the basics to get stronger for the upcoming season.


Show Highlights

With parents who were born pre-Great Depression, Coach Moffitt feels he was raised by parents of a different era. But that means he understands the value of hard work, of doing your job right, and that manual labor is good for us!

After learning from such a great mentor, Coach Moffitt’s coaching tree has become expansive and he’s had a profound impact on the strength and conditioning profession. His humility shows through when discussing how he learned to be a better coach from his athletes. He even named his son after one of his most successful athletes, Coach Aaron Ausmus.

As part of the program under Coach O, Coach Moffitt saw the unique collection of tough, gritty, and highly competitive guys. He jokingly talks about every little drill or thing being a competition. But there’s something to that – the competitive mindset is consistent throughout champions. Which is why it’s part of his job to make sure the team doesn’t dwell on past performance but instead gets back to basics in preparation for game one.

You can find Coach Moffitt on Twitter and Instagram. A special thanks to Sorinex for their sponsorship of the Beyond Sets and Reps Podcast. 


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