Grounded in beliefs, values and ethics, Coach Josh Stoner inherently makes those around him want to be better people, better coaches, better spouses, better parents, etc. The conviction with which he carries himself and his decisions draws people to him, despite his natural introvert tendencies. 


Show Highlights

Since beginning his career in strength and conditioning, he has lived out his personal mission statement of making the people who care about him proud. Throughout the years as his career and his family grew, his priorities remained consistent. 

In the episode Coach Stoner shares his wisdom on making a marriage and family work in what can be a “black hole” of college athletics. It’s hard work! It’s two people coming together, both have ambitions and it’s a juggling act growing a family together. But if you can adapt and adjust, compromise when necessary and put in constant effort, you can find success in making a life and career together.

His priorities around putting his family first comes through in his advice to those who want to sit at the head of the table – put your people first. Whether you’re in charge of one person or 31 people, you’re ultimately responsible for human beings. And with that responsibility comes the general need to drop your own ego and get the job done. 

We finished the episode with a discussion on the importance of leadership – how you can often learn as much from bad leadership as you can from good leadership. As it has in his experience, good leadership can mean a difference of 7 wins for the same football team, and bad leadership can bring down a dynasty. 

You can find Coach Josh Stoner on Twitter and Instagram.

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