Over the years, I’ve learned what matters most in my life—my faith, my family, and my friends. One day, you won’t be able to play sports like you did when you were in high school, college, or in the pros. This book is me passing the baton to my peers and the younger generation. I hope you take it and get across the finish line.


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As a student athlete myself, and now having been in athletics in a professional manner for over 20 years, I’m constantly asking myself what I left on the table as an athlete. What opportunities did I fail to take full advantage of, and how can I pass that information and experience on to student athletes so they don’t leave anything on the table. This book is a culmination of my entire experience in athletics in the hopes it can help today’s student athletes maximize their experience while participating in collegiate athletics.

The book itself is broken down into four sections: choices, character development, money and wealth, and living life. Athletics are only part of the student athlete experience and this book aims to capture the off-field experiences that can set you up to maximize your life during and after sports. From taking advantage of the services offered to student athletes, to the relationships built, and everything in between, those are the things that student athletes may not be aware of as they’re going into it. 

The Table is a summation of the issues and questions that have continually come up during my time in life after being an athlete. Because I’ve been in athletics for over 20 years, I’m exposed to the questions and concerns of current student athletes and then apply my perspective and experience of things that matter for life after sport.

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