Derek Lege

Growing up poor was all the motivation Coach Derek Legé needed to figure out a way out of poverty. The self-taught stock market investor and strength coach is now taking what he’s learned and helping his athletes get a taste for what investing can do. With some tips and insights on how to get started, Coach Derek Legé was an ideal guest contributor to my upcoming book, The Table.

Show Highlights

An island boy from Galveston, Texas, Derek Legé watched his parents work multiple jobs to support the family. When he grew older and saw how some people were rich, he wondered why he couldn’t have that too. So at age 18, he began Googling things about the stock market. 

It’s a natural connection for Coach Legé to teach on the subject matter – he’s a coach, and by nature he’s a people person and enjoys helping other people find success in their endeavors. Just like the financial industry has fiduciaries who, by law, must help investors make decisions that are best suited for their particular situation, Coach Legé introduces his student athletes to the world of investing. 

By taking just a few minutes before a workout to explain a concept or teach a lesson, Coach Legé is helping expand the minds of his athletes, and has an open door policy for anyone looking to go a little more in depth. He says beginning with only 15 minutes per week, there’s enough information and technology to help get anyone started investing in the stock market for additional income. 



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