Akeem Robinson

The first of this three part series by guest authors of my upcoming book, The Table, Coach Akeem Robinson is on the show to discuss his chapter on character development. With a diverse range of experiences – from a Clemson football athlete to homeless and living in his car – Coach Robinson has trained his mind to focus on the person he wants to become; and is on a mission to help his athletes do the same.

Show Highlights

Beginning with his career at Clemson, Coach Robinson takes us through the ways he could have better utilized the opportunities presented to him. He realizes now that he wasn’t taking advantage of the resources to become a better man, further develop his spirituality, or even hone his craft of football. Even watching film wasn’t taken as seriously as it should have been, he was simply going through the motions with his days on repeat. 

It took what he calls ‘being broken’ to see how he could be in full control of his mind, and thus his destination in life. After a devastating break up with a longtime girlfriend, he realized his mindset needed to change – he could no longer accept that life was happening to him, but rather that he would initiate moving forward in life. 

Now he uses that experience with his athletes at Southeastern University, and on his social media channels (Mental Max Out), to disseminate the message to all who are willing to expand their perspective. Coach Robinson prides himself on training people, not just athletes. And he’s taking full advantage of his opportunities to help develop young people and educate them on money, life, love, business, spirituality, and more. 

Coach Robinson can be found on Twitter and Instagram; or via email at ajrobinson@seu.edu.


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