Andrew Paul

Crediting his ambition and work ethic to his family and their supportive upbringing, Dr. Andrew Paul is no stranger to success in the field of athletic performance. With great friends and coaches early on who provided positive experiences around sport, he quickly knew the kind of coach he wanted to be. Those early experiences set him on the trajectory to work at a Power 5 school, EXOS, and now at the professional level.

Show Highlights

We began the episode with Coach Paul describing his upbringing and how that contributed to his development – from his parents always pushing him to be the best, no matter what it was (playing baseball or being an intern); to his high school Coach Kinney instilling confidence and discipline at such an impressionable age. Even his college coaches – Dr. Bryan Mann and Rick Perry – setting great examples of the kind of coach he wanted to be. 

Beginning his coaching career as an intern, he thought it would last a semester and then figure out what’s next. Four months turned into seven years and a few degrees, putting him on the path to EXOS and ultimately where he is now at the Oklahoma City Thunder for his fifth season. 

At my insistence, Dr. Paul gave us lessons on the shoulder, the scapula and the thoracic spine, always reminding us to look at the person as a whole. Injuries rarely occur in the silo of one joint or one muscle so we must consider the body as a whole. And we finished the episode with him describing how he uses these principles to care for and train athletes who are worth millions to the program. 


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