Brett Hayes

Knowing from a young age he wanted to be a physical therapist, Brett Hayes has always had a knack for combining sports with the science of the body with the goal of optimizing performance. His mission is straightforward: doing what’s best for the athletes because when the team wins, everyone associated with it wins – there’s enough credit to go around. So Brett is trying to get physical therapy into the weight room, training room, on the field and intertwined with everyday sports.

Show Highlights

Having opened up his own facility, Brett Hayes has worked with all types of populations – both athletic and non-athletic; young and old; amateur and professional. His passion for sports led him to the discovery of just how beneficial physical therapy can be for optimizing sport performance. Without taking over an existing role of a coach or trainer, Brett’s belief is there’s enough expertise to go around and all have input for the betterment of the athlete. 

The toughest part for physical therapists is getting their foot in the athletic door. And to this he recommends to just reach out! Connect with the people in the athletic department in a genuine way, and if you must, do it for free. For the coaches, trainers, and administrators out there, his advice is to be open minded. As mentioned previously, there’s enough credit to go around with a successful program, so put egos and red tape aside and just do what’s best for the athletes. 

Then Brett takes us through a specific scenario of how having a physical therapist right in the weight room can be of benefit. Again, not stepping on toes, but being there to supplement and complement what’s being done in both the weight room, training room, and on the field. He walks us through how the co-working arrangement can be of benefit to all parties as we’re able to share expertise and learn from one another, again, all with the athlete in mind.


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