Dr. Amber SElking

As someone who had her collegiate athletic career abruptly cut short, Dr. Amber Selking knows what it’s like to feel lost after sport. She’s since made it her life’s work to help people with mental performance both on and off the field. With a deep belief that people want to be great, Selking is aiming to provide a template for that greatness via the mental game.

Show Highlights

We began by Amber giving us her backstory – she was a collegiate soccer player and at the end of her freshman year, her coach blindsided her by cutting her. Feeling lost, she wasn’t sure where to turn or who she was – afterall, she was an athlete… or was she now?

Selking would work through that very question in her doctoral dissertation, When the Lights Go Out. Her work was discovering how to use the mental skills developed in sport and have them transfer off the field after sport. She never wanted anyone to feel the way she did after that conversation with her coach.

Now she’s fast becoming one of the best mental performance coaches in the field. Her goal is to systematize the mental aspect so we can have a standard by which to evaluate mental performance. If you’re on a journey of greatness, you can’t do it alone so figure out positive coaching sooner rather than later.


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