Eric Wood

Eric Wood was forced into figuring out his “life after NFL” when he received the devastating news that a spine injury waiting to happen was found on a post-season MRI. This news came approximately 50 minutes before the birth of his son – to call it an emotional roller coaster doesn’t do it justice. In this episode, Wood takes us through transitioning his identity from 9 year NFL veteran to (soon to be) broadcast media personality.

Show Highlights

With two years left on an NFL contract, Buffalo Bills offensive lineman Eric Wood was looking forward to heading home to his very pregnant wife to prepare for the arrival of their baby boy. But before going home after the season, he was required to get an MRI for a nagging neck soreness. In the delivery room, he received the call that he would never be medically cleared to play football again. And 50 minutes later his son arrived. 

Eric recapped the day’s events along with his thoughts and emotions. He knew an office 9-5 wasn’t in his cards, but he would have a tough time deciding on his life after NFL. His identity would be totally redefined as he figured out what he waned to do with himself. The anxiety that came with restlessness wasn’t helping the situation, but he was confident in his decision to be deliberate and figure out a life of his choosing.

Now having a chosen path in broadcast media, Wood is looking forward to the fall, full of opportunity. He’s still determining what success for him will look like in this newfound industry, but he’s accepted the challenge to be the best and has no qualms with the hard work it will take to do the job up to his own standards. 

 Eric can be found on both Twitter and Instagram, and his podcast can be found here or on your favorite podcast app.


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