Aaron Ausmus

Coach Aaron Ausmus had a rare opportunity to visit programs all over the nation while he was a sales rep for Sorinex Exercise Equipment. Even though he was between strength coaching jobs, he turned lemons into lemonade by broadening his knowledge base and cherry-picking the best parts of several programs. Now back at USC as the head strength coach for football, he’s confident his experience and knowledge gained is helping him make their program the best it can be.


Show Highlights

Coach takes us through the experience of being fired and returning to the same school for the third time – even forgetting his keys on his first day! The ‘perks’ of not having to move for a new job and how it actually made the return to USC easier. All in all, his family is better and stronger for having been through the ups and downs of his career at USC and with a family oriented head coach in Clay Helton, he’s able to maintain the balance with his family and work.

Aaron’s experience outside the college weight room led him to gain expansive knowledge on the long term athletic development model. While working for Sorinex for five years he saw high school programs up to NFL programs as well as private sector facilities. He’s using that knowledge gained as advantages.

From seeing so many programs, he’s able to confidently give advice to high school coaches on how to best prepare their athletes for college athletics. Consistency is key, specifically a structured strength and conditioning program year-round. Despite the time constraints and the hectic rigors of multi-sport athletes, the athletes who have been consistently strength training stand out above their peers.

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